Do you get hung on getting promoted as a BJJ White Belt? Do you see others get promoted but wonder why you weren’t picked?

I got this question recently. Our friend has been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is doing really well. He’s winning BJJ competitions and smashing people in training.


He’s still a 1 stripe White Belt and isn’t sure what’s up. He says that he even gives the Blue Belts in his Brazilian Jiujitsu gym a good run for their money. But yet he is still passed up for training.

My answer in this video is a little more direct. And I speak from more of the vantage point of a coach.

And in this situation I would tell anyone to let go of promotions and fall in love with the grind of BJJ training. Fall in love with the day to day cool stuff that happens. Rather than being fixated on getting the next stripe or belt.

Because you don’t have control over that.

And most importantly. It will fail you in the long term. The acquirement of a belt isn’t as meaningful as you think. The most meaningful part about the belt is the journey that was required to reach it.

I look back at my belts and I don’t really remember the promotions that much. Instead I remember the training and all the work that went into it.

That’s what’s important.

Hope the video helps!

Why Am I’m a 1 Stripe White Belt? (I’m Smashing People) – Nick Albin

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