From David Avellan:

I am a big fan of using pins to advance positions, and there is no better place for pins than wrestling. It is the ultimate goal of wrestling, and they have centuries of experience.

BJJ and MMA are relatively new to the idea of pinning, as the goal is submission. So many people overlook the value of a good pin. Even wrestling is ignorant on how else to use a pin other than to pin.

So with some creative thinking and combining goals of pinning and submission fighting, we can create very powerful pins that can serve for submissions, TKO, and guard passing.

To start us off, I want to focus on the classic wrestling pin – the Cradle. Pretty much every wrestler on the planet knows the cradle. It is super simple and very effective.

But how will we use this pin?

I am going to show you a way to crush the sitting open guard and score a simple side mount!

Using the Wrestling Cradle To Smash The Open Guard

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