I find that a lot of the techniques I used in Wrestling seem to find their way into my BJJ game.

The takedowns from Wrestling are a no brainer of course. But a lot of times it’s little stuff that help support my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques.

Like the simple wrist roll I use in this video.

When I Wrestled. I rolled wrists constantly. I would roll the wrists to setup my favorite pinning combination.

I’ve found that rolling the wrists has it’s place in Brazilian Jiujitsu as well!

Obviously you can roll wrists from places like turtle. But one of my favorite places to use this is from the Quarter Mount / Quarter Guard.

It presses the persons body in a way that doesn’t allow them to easily escape and forces them to expose their back. Perfect for me!

Watch the video and check out the simple grip technique.

Use this Wrestling Grip for Quarter Mount Control – Nick Albin

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