The Toe Tuck Sweep / Position is one of the 1st Half Guard sweeps I started using successfully from this low Half Guard position I’ve shown in this series.

I say Half Guard Sweep / Position because I have numerous attacks from the Toe Tuck. So even if these sweep options stop. I have lots of other techniques I can use for my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

In this video I also share why I use this style of Half Guard for Brazilian Jiujitsu.

One reason is that I’m able to fight against the Knee Cut Pass which is a fantastic option when faced against a Half Guard position.

Another tip is that when I come up for these sweeps. I make sure to come up on my elbows in a particular way that makes this sweep effective for my Brazilian Jiujitsu game.

So if you’re trying to develop a better BJJ Half Guard game. I hope this latest BJJ sweep addition of one of my favorites is helpful to you!

Toe Tuck BJJ Half Guard Sweep (Gi or No Gi)

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