This is a ridiculous BJJ game that I play with my kids class often. I decided to bring it over to one of our smaller adult classes one evening.

I do a lot of kids BJJ games and bring some of them over to the adult class from time to time.

I really like gamification. I mean a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu roll is a game itself. There are rules, a winner and a loser, etc.

But many times we get in our own heads and become to serious with it. So I like doing different things to turn it into a game but still getting some carry over value for our normal BJJ training.

Sock Wrestling is a Grappling or BJJ game like that. As dumb as it looks there is carry over value to Brazilian Jiujitsu training.

1. Being aware of a particular part of your body. This is especially important if you are facing someone who is good at a particular type of move and you need to be aware of it.

In the game you’re focused on the foot and you become very sensitive and aware of that part of your body. You can then take that BJJ game lesson to a roll where maybe you need to protect your arm or legs.

2. Because no one has any sort of developed techniques or rhythms. It forces you to think on the fly and improvise. Which in BJJ is what will happen a lot.

You’re not always going to have an answer or know exactly what to do. So you have to just improvise and take a chance.

I hope the video was at least entertaining to watch.

This BJJ game may seem silly. But try it. You might find that it is a lot more valuable, fun and exhausting than it appears in the video.

Thanks for watching!

Silly BJJ Game for Body Awareness and Improvisation – Nick Albin

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