Should you be able to practice Leg Locks in BJJ?

I believe most of us will answer this question with Yes. Leg Locks have become such an integral part of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Especially in No Gi competitions and rolling.

With that said, many coaches in BJJ seem to still hold resistant beliefs towards using leg locks in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

One of the viewers recently sent me a message saying their coach doesn’t allow them to do Leg Locks. This is a problem for him because he says he wants to use them. In fact he trains in Sambo once a week to work on his Leg attacks.

In the video I talk about training in a Martial Art the way you want to and still trying to patch things up with a coach who is not ok with the path you have chosen for yourself.

Hope the video helps!

Should I Leave My Gym for Leg Locks – Nick Albin

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