In this video my buddy Nick and I were drilling some different sweeps and transitions we wanted to work on for our BJJ game.

Most of the sweeps came from Open Guard positions like Butterfly and De La Riva variations.

And once on top, most of our transitions focused on the Over Under Pass, and in one case, I was working on the entry into the Saddle / Sankaku position.

During the BJJ drills we each took turns sweeping one another.

So it would start with Me Sweeping Nick and then he would sweep me. And we would go back and forth.

For this particular session we swept each other back and forth for rounds of 4 minutes.

This kept us both moving and helped Nick train while he was overcoming an injury.

I also point out at the end of the video that my buddy had a knee injury at the time. The injury was non BJJ related. But obviously was affecting his ability to train.

And this is why we focused on positions in Brazilian Jiujitsu that wouldn’t bother his knee.

Use this as a lesson! If you’re experiencing an injury and are having trouble training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Try simply working around the problem instead of taking off completely.

There’s always something you can do!

I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe took a couple ideas for your own drilling.


Open Guard Sweeps with a Knee Injury – Nick Albin

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