If you have a game that cannot move from one realm go to the other then your Brazilian jiu-jitsu is incomplete and not as effective as possible.

This is why I like rehashing some of my wrestling techniques to BJJ. There are a lot of crossovers to BJJ from wrestling if you know where to look and how to adapt them.

One such area that can transfer really well to BJJ from wrestling is the grips.

The grips have to be adjusted a bit in the Gi but they’re still useable. While in no gi the grips can be used almost entirely unaltered.

In this video I show a single leg setup that you can use in gi or no gi. The best part about the grip setup is that it’s usable in both and won’t render you dependent upon a gi to be effective.

In the gi. Another benefit is that it will not be a common grip used in the kimono. This helps you “fly under the radar” and not set off any triggers.

Grips For Single Leg Takedown In Gi Or No Gi – Nick Albin

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