Jake and I did a great Butterfly Guard setup from Full Guard. This video was recorded while in Costa Rica during the Pura Vida BJJ and Surfing Retreat.

This video was for Jake’s daughter Sage who trains Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has been wanting to work on sweeps.

So I went through one of my favorite no gi sweeps in BJJ as a White Belt. This is the same setup that helped me ease into doing Butterfly Guard Sweeps and attacks as a White and Blue Belt.

The setup that I show can also be used as an effective posture breaking option. Especially in no gi grappling where people will just tuck their body on top very tight and prevent someone moving inside the Guard.

I hope this Full Guard setup to a Butterfly Guard sweep helps you with your Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Thanks for watching!

Effective Butterfly Guard Sweep for BJJ White Belts (From Full Guard)- Chewjitsu

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