Want some simple ways to correct mistakes with any BJJ submission you have in the arsenal? Well I have a couple of simple ones you can use.

In this video I answer a question from Tin who is struggling finding the right feeling and applying the Guillotine Choke effectively.

He says that he was yelled at by a teammate in his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym after applying the Guillotine Choke in a way that nearly caused an injury.

Since then he’s been very hesitant to use the submissions.

So in this video I share 2 tips for correcting mistakes with BJJ submissions and learning how to apply them in an optimal way. Both for your success and the safety of your partner.

1. Make sure that you’re trying to search for the right “feel” for a submission when you are practicing it during rolling or drilling. Instead of just trying to crank on things.

2. Make sure to communicate with your BJJ training partners. When applying any submission. Check on them and see how it feels if they’re not giving you any sort of reaction. This will help you refine the way you execute the movement to get the right feel for the submission.

It’s also worth noting to keep in mind that winning is not the only objective. Just as important is to make sure you keep your Brazilian Jiujitsu partners safe. You want to do your best to ensure that you guys walk in healthy and injury free and you leave the same.

If you follow these tips. You’ll be sure that you are working towards applying BJJ submissions in a technical and safe way. In a way that ensure you’re using the best BJJ technique possible and in a way that protects your friends.

Hope this video helps!

Correct Mistakes with BJJ Submissions – Nick Albin

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