In this video I show 3 simple BJJ Armbar tweaks and adjustments to help you so you don’t flop off and lose your position when going for an Armbar from Mount.

I know the problem well. I had it a lot as a BJJ White Belt and I’ve seen many of my students experience it.

You’re in Mount. Everything is going well. You’re in one of the best positions in BJJ and you’re feeling dominant.

Then. . .

You go for the Armbar and you lose everything!

This is one of the more frustrating issues that happens in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

And this is the exact problem our buddy Mike is having.

He says that he is able to get to Mount. But every time he goes for the Armbar he loses the position.

Mike is a White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

So I’ve included in this video 3 of my favorite Armbar adjustments and tips that I’ve used and helped so many White Belts with.

I hope they’re helpful to you if you’re experiencing this problem.

Thanks for watching!

Avoid These Armbar Mistakes from Mount ( Don’t Flop! )

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