The Red Hot Chili Peppers were recently interviewed by TV host James Corden.

At one point, band singer Anthony Keidis says that they all used to wrestle on tour.

Corden answers: “I love a good man-wrestle,”

Keidis: “You do? Be honest now. Grappling? No elbows, no knees. Chokes?”

Corden: “No punches. Like a hold down,”

Keidis: “He’s got the face move… There is a lawn right there. Let’s wrestle.”

Corden: “We can wrestle anytime you want. I will destroy you.”

The band: “PULL OVER!!”

Kiedis is a big UFC fan and is often seen at some of the big fights. The way he takes him down,  to half guard, transitions to side control with and underhook and head control, and with perfect pressure with toes forward shows that he has trained before.

Watch the video:

Anthony Kiedis Grapples (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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