This video is a demonstration of 26 brazilian jiu-jitsu drills that can be put together in a very dynamical way, where one move can flow directly to the other.I personally use part of this sequence very often during my own warm up before training.Stay posted for other videos with details about each drill.

Backward break fall
Sideways break fall
Technical standing
Jab walking forward
Jab & Straight punches with duck under
Wrestling stance
Double leg
Sprawl going to the back
Forward break fall
Forward and backward roll
Egg beaters
Hip escape
Double hip escape
Sitting hip escape
Forward hip escape
Hip escape turning on all fours
Bridging over the shoulder
“Upa” turn
Turning on turtle and rolling back to guard
Triangle set up
Lateral roll
“S” mount drill
Switching the base – baseball slide
Switching the base – leg over

26 brazilian jiu-jitsu drills in less than 2 minutes – Rafael Lima

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