Ever had an Armbar but were unable to finish whether in a BJJ competition or just rolling?

Of course you have. . . we all have!

After training the other day 1 of my purple belts asked me about some tips on how to break a strong grip when finishing the Armbar.

So I figured I’d pull up the camera and show the details with you too!

In the video I identify some simple tactics you can use in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when you run into a strong grip when finishing the Armbar submission.

1 which is always a good option is to attack the wrist with a wrist lock. Even if the wrist lock isn’t successful as a finish. The Armbar defense they were putting up typically falls apart and you can move in to the submission.

But assuming that you can’t use wrist locks or can’t get them to work either. One of my favorite Armbar grip breaks is to stuff the elbow into the armpit and then rock to the side.

Along with placing a lot of heavy weight on the persons face, which is uncomfortable, it also creates torque on the elblow and should and will force them to let go of the grip defense.

Watch the grip break video and if you’re experiencing this sort of problem in your Brazilian Jiujitsu training or competition. Give it a try!

I hope the video is helpful!

2 BJJ Armbar Grip Breaks (Twist and Wrists) – Nick Albin

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